What is the aim of The Adventure Fund?
The Adventure Fund, in association with Sidetracked Magazine, is an annual grant set up with the primary objective of helping support individuals and groups who wish to undertake an ‘adventure’, in whatever form that may take for them. The fund also hopes to encourage a wider general public to learn about such exploits and start asking the question ‘how can I have an adventure myself?’ Lastly, we hope that successful recipients of the award will further contribute to the growing collection of top-quality adventure literature currently being published on

How did the grant come about?
The fund as a project came into being through the brainstorms of John Summerton, Matthew Traver and Jamie Bunchuk. The Adventure Fund is still very much in its infancy, but hopefully there will be much to tell about its history soon.

When are the grant’s deadlines?
Closing date for applications: March 1st each year.
Funding Awarded: April 1st each year.

How are applications judged?
Each application is judged by a panel of Sidetracked board members, who review the described adventure, ranking its worth according to an objective criteria of questions, with examples such as ‘has the applicant conducted sufficient research and planning for the trip?’ and ‘how experienced are they to carry out the trip?’ This is followed by a general discussion of each application’s various merits and drawbacks.

What is expected of winning applications?
The successful recipient of The Adventure Fund is expected to use the awarded funding in a ‘Sidetracked’ manner. This means that the grant money should be used in a creative and innovative way wherever possible, not just piled away to pay for a flight. Successful applicants are also expected to contribute a story about their adventure for Sidetracked Magazine, to be submitted no later than two months after their return from the expedition. Ideally the funding will create a section of the story itself: the grant paid for the final victory meal, the bus ride that nearly crashed, the micro-helicopter that you filmed your exploits on etc.

How can I support The Adventure Fund?
Individuals can support The Adventure Fund in two ways: through personal donations to the fund, which can be contributed here, or through written contributions to Sidetracked about your personal adventures. These articles can be submitted by emailing