John Summerton, Producer and Designer

John runs Sidetracked, an online journal containing personal stories of travel, expeditions and adventure. Sidetracked has grown rapidly over the past year and is set to forge a new path for adventure journalism, combining beautiful typography, photography and design with unique, compelling articles and experiences. John is also an award winning graphic designer specialising in ecommerce, promotions and, more recently, expedition websites. 

Web: Twitter: @SidetrackedMag  Instagram: @SidetrackedMag


Matthew Traver, FILMMAKER

Matthew is a British-American filmmaker. He has worked on a range of independent documentary short and feature length films. His filming locations have included the deserts of Uzbekistan, steppes of Kazakhstan/Mongolia, the high mountains of Iran and Tajikistan, the Tuvan taiga forest and rivers of Siberia. His work has screened at 25 international film festivals in the UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Australia and to over 45 countries via Boulder Creek International's Wild Spirits TV programme. He is currently in the post-production phase of a web series exploring Siberia.

Web: Twitter: @matthewtraver  Instagram: @matthewtraver


Jamie maddison, journalist

Across the past 10 years Jamie been a rock climber, long distance horse-rider, hotel shift worker, shortlisted Features Articles of the Year writer, newspaper reporter, indie print magazine co-founder, shortlisted National Adventurer of the Year, store assistant, the British-Kazakh Society's 'Person of the Year', 8 in 8 days marathon runner, fashion writer, desert explorer, 4:34 miler, shortlisted in the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards, talent manager and competitive pole vaulter.

He's lived and adventured with eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, ridden horses 800 miles across Kazakhstan, worked with nomads on the border of Afghanistan, ran with camel herders in Uzbekistan, found ancient artefacts in the high mountains of Tajikistan, come off several galloping horses, been irradiated, fallen down two cliffs, had a case of frost-related nerve damage, and exposed to who knows what on an abandoned experimental Soviet weapons testing facility. His passion is long form and investigative journalism.

Web: Twitter: @Bunchuk  Instagram: @Racing.Jamie




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